Master AWS, Regular Expression and Machine Learning

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AWS Certified Solutions Architect Course & Question Bank - Part 1

Become an Expert in AWS - Concept, Hands-on, 300+ Exam Prep Questions, In-depth Coverage
AWS Certified Solutions Architect Guide & Question Bank - I course provides a structured introduction to AWS and prepares you to get certified at the Associate Level.
This course covers services that form the foundation of AWS: NetworkComputeLoad BalancingElastic ScalingStorageMonitoringSecurity and Cost Estimation

Each topic is covered with concepts, hands-on activity, practice exams with 300+ exam like practice quizzes.
Students would be able to download lecture presentation slides for offline review.
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AWS Machine Learning: A Complete Guide with Python

AWS Machine Learning A Complete Guide With Python

Happy to announce that I launched a new course on AWS Machine Learning. Available on

Learn about cloud based machine learning algorithms and how to integrate with your applications

Biggest challenge for a Data Science professional is how to convert the proof-of-concept models into actual products that your customers can use. Traditional approaches take too much effort and time to convert the model into a scalable product.

With AWS Machine Learning service, you can very easily conduct experiments and test your concepts. Once you are happy, you can instantly scale to support millions of requests.

Take a look at several free Preview videos. All lectures in Section 3 and Section 4 on Linear Regression are available for preview as well as Section 15 Integration objectives.

My Other Courses. Check out several free preview videos: 1. Python Regular Expression - Real World Applied Python 2. Learning Regular Expression With .NET

Network and Subnet Primer for AWS Virtual Private Cloud

In this video, I will explain all the concepts you need to understand on network and subnet addressing. If you are working on Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), you have the power to create your own private data center with different subnet depending on your needs.

To fully take advantage of VPC, you would need basic understanding on network and subnet addressing convention used and what they represent.

Python Regex Interactive Tool

Python Regex Interactive Tool - allows you to interactively test the patterns.

Developed and tested with Anaconda distribution.  (Requires PyQt4 module that is part of Anaconda distribution)

Download Source Code:

Video Overview:

To run:



Pattern - Specify pattern here
Replacement Pattern - Specify replacement text or pattern (to be used with Replace button)
Text - Text on which to look for Pattern
Result - Output of the operation

Match - Find the first match
Next Match - Find subsequent matches
Replace - Replace matches with specified Replacement Pattern
Split - Split text based on Pattern

Please use comments for any feedback and suggestions!

.Net Regular Expressions

Learning Regular Expression with .Net is a hands-on course that is designed to make you an expert in regular expressions.

This course contains over 25+ hands-on exercises, practical tips, quizzes and three projects to apply the new skills you learned in this class.  In the first project, we will be extracting useful information from unstructured text data from Robocopy tool, in the second project we will be on working on large data set generated by Sensors and in the third project we will look in to Health Care Systems that deal with Electronic Medical Records.  These exercises will demonstrate that with regular expression you can implement complex parsing with only a few lines of code

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Math Stripes - Available on the app store

A Fun Way For Kids To Improve their Basic Math Skills. Track Progress with Medals and History. Customize to Your Kids Needs.