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Arithmetic Test
 Arithmetic Test

* Handy app to prepare for entrance exams, learn essential concepts for real-life usage
* Ratio, Proportion, Fraction, Numbers, Percentages and Interests
* Learn how to solve rate of completion, work done problems (worker, job, days type problem)

Topics Covered:

* Learn how to find and use percentage. Starts with simple concepts and gradually covers more complex concepts
* Learn how to find percentage increase and decrease
* Enhance knowledge with several practical tests

* Basics
* Comparison
* Reduce
* Handling Units

* Basics
* Direct Variation
* Indirect Variation
* Handling three or more variables

* Basics
* Prime
* Number of Factors
* Lowest Common Multiple (LCM)
* Greatest Common Divisor (GCD)

* Types
* Conversion
* Like and Equivalent
* Reduce
* Comparison
* Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division

* Even and Odd
* Prime
* Face Value
* Place Value
* Expanded and Standard Forms
* Rounding
* Ordering
* Negative Numbers
* Absolute Value
* Divisibility Test

* Simple Interest
* Compound Interest Exercises, Hints and Concepts
* Learn how to find: compound interest, compounding period, maturity amount/future value, principal, interest rate and time period 
* Tests


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