Python Regular Expressions

Python Regular Expressions is a hands-on course that teaches you everything you need to know about Regular Expression using Python Language.  Video course is a series of 3-5 minute lectures with plenty of hands-on exercises and real world projects.

This course contains over 25+ hands-on exercises, practical tips, quizzes and three projects to apply the new skills you learned in this class.  In the first project, we will be extracting useful information from unstructured text data from Robocopy tool, in the second project we will be on working on large data set generated by Sensors and in the third project we will look in to Health Care Systems that deal with Electronic Medical Records.  These exercises will demonstrate that with regular expression you can implement complex parsing with only a few lines of code

Try the course risk free with 30 days money back guarantee.  Included coupon offers 50% discount.

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