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AWS Machine Learning: A Complete Guide with Python

AWS Machine Learning A Complete Guide With Python

Happy to announce that I launched a new course on AWS Machine Learning. Available on

Learn about cloud based machine learning algorithms and how to integrate with your applications

Biggest challenge for a Data Science professional is how to convert the proof-of-concept models into actual products that your customers can use. Traditional approaches take too much effort and time to convert the model into a scalable product.

With AWS Machine Learning service, you can very easily conduct experiments and test your concepts. Once you are happy, you can instantly scale to support millions of requests.

Take a look at several free Preview videos. All lectures in Section 3 and Section 4 on Linear Regression are available for preview as well as Section 15 Integration objectives.

My Other Courses. Check out several free preview videos: 1. Python Regular Expression - Real World Applied Python 2. Learning Regular Expression With .NET