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Master AWS, Regular Expression and Machine Learning

THANK YOU All for your continued support!  Please use the coupon code TEAM2017 for purchasing any of these top rated courses for only $10. A) AWS Certification Get Certified, Learn Architectural Best Practices, Guide Development and Operations Team.  Ace the AWS Certification Exams with these two courses: 1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Guide & Question Bank (Network, Storage, Compute, Elastic Scale, Route53, Security, Monitoring, Cost Estimation) 2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Guide & Question Bank (Databases, Queuing, Notification, Email, Serverless Compute, Streaming Data, Architectural Patterns, Disaster Recovery) Review This is the BEST AWS (CSA) Training I have seen so far. Excellent course material and question bank. Helped me score 95% in Solutions Architect Associate Exam Thanks Chandra for your efforts in creating this invaluable content, this definitely contributed to achieve a score of 92% in AWS exam. I have taken several AWS courses on Udemy in preparation for…

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Course & Question Bank - Part 1

Become an Expert in AWS - Concept, Hands-on, 300+ Exam Prep Questions, In-depth Coverage
AWS Certified Solutions Architect Guide & Question Bank - I course provides a structured introduction to AWS and prepares you to get certified at the Associate Level.
This course covers services that form the foundation of AWS: NetworkComputeLoad BalancingElastic ScalingStorageMonitoringSecurity and Cost Estimation

Each topic is covered with concepts, hands-on activity, practice exams with 300+ exam like practice quizzes.
Students would be able to download lecture presentation slides for offline review.
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