Master AWS, Regular Expression and Machine Learning

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A) AWS Certification
Get Certified, Learn Architectural Best Practices, Guide Development and Operations Team.  Ace the AWS Certification Exams with these two courses:
1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Guide & Question Bank (Network, Storage, Compute, Elastic Scale, Route53, Security, Monitoring, Cost Estimation)
2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Guide & Question Bank (Databases, Queuing, Notification, Email, Serverless Compute, Streaming Data, Architectural Patterns, Disaster Recovery)
This is the BEST AWS (CSA) Training I have seen so far.
Excellent course material and question bank. Helped me score 95% in Solutions Architect Associate Exam
Thanks Chandra for your efforts in creating this invaluable content, this definitely contributed to achieve a score of 92% in AWS exam.
I have taken several AWS courses on Udemy in preparation for the Architect exam and this Part 2 and the prerequisite course Part 1 have been the most informative of them all.
This is simply fantastic course. Instructor explains each topic in great details, it helps to clear concepts & boost confidence. I cleared my AWS Certified Solution Architect - Associate level exam after watching this course and completing all labs
Absolutely fantastic. I have seen several AWS training courses but this one really dives into the details. Also, you get the slides too with very valuable links
The abundance of the questions are a huge plus as well. Thank you so very much!! Update - I passed he AWS solutions architect associate exam last Friday. I scored 87%. Thanks so much Chandra for your wonderful course!!
B)    AWS Machine Learning
A step-by-step introduction to machine learning and teaches you all the core concepts.  Learn how to integrate predictive analytics into your application in a secure way using AWS security controls and AWS Cognito capability
This course helped me get a good end to end understanding of how machine learning works
Chandra does an excellent job explaining how to get started with AWS ML. The material is excellent and his teaching style is very smooth. I am learning a lot and enjoying it
I especially love that there are real world examples of how you can integrate the AWS platform, and all the benefits that entails, with your app or business process
Very clear intro to machine learning on aws. Learned a lot. Enjoyed the section on accessing aws/ml thru cli, python, angularjs, and ec2
C)    Pattern Matching with Regular Expression
Learn cutting edge data preprocessing, cleanup and preparation skills.  Master advanced techniques in three-hours!  Underlying concepts can be applied in other programmable languages.
After completing it, I consider this course to be on the ‘essentials’ list for anyone who wants to process data in files, streams, websites, databases
I just wanted to thank you for the excellent material in your course, I was not expecting to pick up regular expressions this quick but as soon as I was done with the course I can see my self confident in regular expression syntax and patterns
The structure, content and pacing of the course is excellent. The information is presented clearly and concisely with many examples. The projects helped me to understand how regex is used in the real world. Highly recommended

Exactly what I was looking for. Example oriented and simple enough. Principle can be applicable to other programming languages


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