Python Regex Guide and Interactive Tool

Python Regular Expression Quick Reference Guide, Cheat Sheet and Interactive Tool

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Download Python Regular Expression Language quick reference guide.  It is two page handy guide that contains everything you need to know about Python Regex Language.

This document contains:
1. Single Characters
2. Control Characters
3. Character Classes
4. Quantifiers
5. Anchors
6. Groups
7. Options
8. Python re module methods and functionality supported

Download PDF version now:
Python Regular Expression Quick Reference Guide

Python Regex Interactive Tool - allows you to interactively test the patterns.

Developed and tested with Anaconda distribution. (Requires PyQt4 Module that is part of Anaconda distribution)

Download Source Code:

To run:



Pattern - Specify pattern here
Replacement Pattern - Specify replacement text or pattern (to be used with Replace button)
Text - Text on which to look for Pattern
Result - Output of the operation

Match - Find the first match
Next Match - Find subsequent matches
Replace - Replace matches with specified Replacement Pattern
Split - Split text based on Pattern

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